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Nina Rippner

Time is so basic, we need to use before we lose it

Nina Marie
26 April 1993
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I am one of the strangest you people you will ever meet.

I LOVE music, and even though I can't do it very well, I love to dance. You can almost always find me playing around with photoshop, (Even though I am awful at it.) I love to act, and I think that Cillian Murphy is not only one of the best actors alive, he's one of the hottest men alive. (Don't worry Mike, you're hotter)

I am an aspiring writter and film maker, despite the fact that my resources are limited at the moment. I always wanted to have blue eyes, seeing as my eyes are an ugly brown. I am blonde, but I always wanted to have Red Hair. Every now and then you'll see me with purple or blue or green in my hair.

I love the beach, I've secretly always wanted my future husband to propose to me there. I've also dreamed of getting married there.

In my house hold, I am known as the analyst. Given the right amount of time, I can pick apart anything. I've already done so for ALIAS, I guessed everything before it happened. And while Deja Vu was an awesome movie, I was also able to pick apart that as well. RED EYE took me a little longer, I think that's why I still like it.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty much boring.